Beauty for men

Get Ready Before the Summer

Summer time is getting closer, get yourself ready. Do you have some extra hair you want to get rid of before the summer; it is now the time to take action.

Beauty for men

Source: designerzcentral

Here is some quick information about Intense Pulse Light or IPL 2nd generation for permanent hair removal.

  • Do not expose yourself to the sun 1 week before your session
  • You should not be tanned
  • Shave before you make it to the session
  • You will get 30% and 40% results from the first session
  • You won’t feel any pain during the session
  • You should stay away from the sun for 1 week after your session
  • Make sure to go to your sessions regularly, so do not miss any session for better results!
  • The interval between each IPL session is 5 weeks
  • Don’t wax between sessions

You can now benefit from our 20% discount on hair removal sessions for the back and chest.

Call us now at 01560102 or 71407717 or visit us for a free consultation at Pasteur Street Gemmayzeh, Zoghby 45 Bldg, 3rd Floor, Achrafieh, Lebanon.

You can also consult our website or follow us at Twitter or like us on Facebook.

Maguy Nassar

6 thoughts on “Get Ready Before the Summer

    • Dear Richard, thank you for your comment.
      Each session costs $500, note that the back area is one session and the chest area is another session, but you can do both sessions during one day. However with the 20% discount the session will be for $400. Also note that in case you decided to treat both, your chest and back, the price of the session will be $700.
      PS: The price of the session may vary based on the area to be treated.
      You can visit us for a free consultation at our center for a more accurate information.
      We remain at your disposal for any additional information.
      Have a good day,
      BFM Team

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