Tips for Groom

Weddex, July 2012


She will always have the best memories of this day, she wants to be proud of her king, its your day too, please yourself and please her too…..
Here are some tips just for you dear groom……
1- A beautiful shiny face is always the center of attraction. Dry, oily skin, or acne …are no longer a problem, just treat yourself with a cleansing facial at your beautician one month before the wedding date and treat your skin….
2- The eyes are the mirror of the face, if you have dark circles and puffins problems under your eyes, a drainage system with eye treatment will do magic.
3- Pigmentation are dark spots on the face due to excessive sun exposure or hormone problems…U can use Photoshop to hide them in photos but the video will show them. IPL and a night cream, both, are the solution you are looking for. Treat pigmentation before they become too deep and its too late…
4- Are you suffering from overweight? FDA approved system allows you now, in one session, to remove between 3 to 7 cm per week.
5- Lymphatic drainage is another essential solution for your body and face, say goodbye to water retention.
6- Too much unwanted hair on your chest, back, hands, ears or nose? Get rid of them temporarily by wax or permanently by laser or IPL 2nd generation.
7- Hand and foot care are a must, she will look at all the details….don’t just do it to look good do it because it enhances your blood circulation.
8- A candle scrub massage with vanilla amber or chocolate mask will surely change your body texture and smell.
9- The gold facial is your VVIP groom luxury treatment, regenerating, boosting and glowing your face with all kind of vitamins and serum. Pamper yourself the VVIP way and make your bride jealous from your glow.
10- Don’t forget to call her on this big day and tell her that you love her, or even surprise her, emotional details are very important.


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